Bear Belinda

A fun word game for young and old alike.

1. Sit all players in a circle.

2. Give sometime for each person to think of the name of an animal that starts with the same letter as the first letter of their name. For example my name is Belinda and I pick Bear, therefore my new name is Bear Belinda. It is not important that the animal name describes the person, but instead that it is alliterate of their first name.

3. Pick a leader to start. The leader says the animal name they have selected and their name. If I were the leader I would say 'Bear Belinda.'

4. The person on the leader's left says "Bear Belinda" and then adds their own name, for example "Hyena Heidi."

5. The next person says the names of all the ones before and his/her own.

6. This game is great fun and gets much harder as is progresses. If a player is stuck and can't remember a name, hints can be made by making the sound of the animal or acting like the animal in question.