Paper Mache Bowl

What You Will Need

1 recipe Paper Mache Paste

bowl (to mold)
scissors (big ones for you, safety ones for the kids)
an assortment of non-toxic paints
a paint brush
scotch tape
piece of thin plastic wrap (big enough to cover your bowl)


1. Cut strips from the newspaper - about 1 inch wide, 2 inches long.

2. Cover the bowl (to be molded) with a plastic wrap. The wrap will allow the bowl to be removed easily when the project is complete. Tape the wrap into place. Turn the bowl upside down on your work area.

3. Dip the paper strips into the paste. Put the covered strips between your thumb and index finger. Slide your fingers down over the paper, with an easy pressure, to remove excess paste.

4. Place the strips on the bowl in a crisscrossed fashion. Make sure you overlap layers. Be certain to give good coverage to the sides of the bowl as well as the bottom.

5. Let your project dry, sitting it in a dry, warm place. It will take about 48 hours for the project to be well dried.

6. Carefully remove the paper-mache form from the original bowl.

6. Peel away the plastic.

7. Any excess, or uneven edges may be trimmed with scissors.

8. Paint your masterpiece and let dry.

(painted by Nicholas, 7 yrs old)

Additional Details

Light paint colours let the newsprint show through as in the photo below.

Use dark coloured paints if you do not want the newsprint to show.

This is a messy project but very fun to do and the end result is well worth the effort.