"Who Am I?" Guessing Game

What You Will Need

old magazines
a group of players

Getting Ready For the Game

1. Cut from the magazines pictures of objects.

2. Keep the pictures hidden from the players. Tape one picture on each child's back. Make sure that the child hasn't seen the picture on their back.

How To Play the Game

1. In turn, each child turns their back to show their picture and then is given the opportunity to ask any other child a question about the picture.

2. The answers must be 'yes' or 'no' only.

3. When the child figures out their picture, tape a new picture to their back.

4. Have the game last about 10 minutes, or until each child has guessed at least one picture.

Additional Details

- At the beginning of the game give some examples of questions to ask such as
"Am I alive? Do people eat me? Am I a hero? Do I have tires?" etc.

- If the party has a theme, use pictures related to the theme. For example a Bob the Builder party could have pictures of a hammer, a screw driver, a bulldozer, etc.

- Use pictures that are geared towards the age group playing. For example, four-year old would have a hard time guessing 'whisk'.