Chocolate Caterpillar

What You Will Need

20 oatmeal cookies
1 tub of chocolate frosting (or homemade)
5 pieces of black licorice (fresh and pliable)
1 large marshmallow
sharp knife
serving tray


1. Cut each piece of licorice in half.

2. Slice each piece of licorice in half length-wise.

3. Spread one cookie with about 1 teaspoon of frosting. Place a piece of licorice across the middle of the cookie.

4. Place a cookie, with its underside frosted, on top.

5. Frost the cookie's top and place another licorice piece.

6. Repeat until the column is 5 cookies high. Make 3 additional columns, like this one, with the remaining cookies.

7. Place all 4 cookie-columns on a serving tray end to end, on their side

8. Slide the cookies at an angle, so they are slightly laying on top of one another. Cut little round eyes and a smiling mouth from the marshmallow.

Additional Details

Make sure the licorice for this project is fresh and soft. Hard and stale licorice is difficult to cut.

For variation, use candies instead of a marshmallow for the eyes and mouth.