Tin Foil Card

(card by Thomas, 2 years old)

What You Will Need

handful of uncooked rice
tin foil
string, about 20 inches long
heavy paper, card stock if possible, about 12" x 7"
construction paper, about 6" x 6"


1. Cut a piece of tin foil and the construction paper to be the exact same size. In this example they are 6"x6".

2. Fold the heavy paper in half. Crease the fold well.

3. Draw a simple pattern on the construction paper. In this example we made a square.

4. Smear glue over the entire surface of the construction paper. (Kid Buckaroo Craft Tip: Tape the construction paper to the table. This will stop the paper from moving about as your child is working with it. A loop of tape, or two, on the back of the paper works perfectly.)

5. Place the string over the lines of the object that you have drawn. Trim string as necessary.

6. Pour the rice inside the string lines of the object.

7. Spread the rice out evenly and remove any rice grains that may have fell outside of the stringed lines.

8. Carefully place the tin foil over the construction paper and press down. Smooth over the tinfoil pressing and rubbing the tin foil into the shape below. Gently run your fingernail along the outside edge of the string, to give more emphases to the shape.

9. Glue the tin foil art onto the centre-front of your card.

10. Sign the inside and give this card to someone you care about.

Additional Details

If the tinfoil gets ruptured by a piece of rice, during step 8, simply cut another piece of tin foil and glue it over the ruptured piece.

Simple shapes are the best to work with in this project - circles, hearts, triangles, etc.