Puffy Paint Recipe

What You Will Need

1/3 cup flour
1/3 cup salt
1/3 cup water
about 12 drops of food colouring
squeeze bottle
thick paper or cardboard
bowl and spoon for mixing


1. Mix the flour, salt and water.

2. Add the food colouring.

3. Fill the squeeze bottle with the paint.

4. Repeat this entire procedure for each paint colour that you want.

(Puffy paint picture of "a shiny day" by Thomas, age 2)

Additional Details

This recipe makes 1 cup of paint.

Depending on how thickly you have painted, it may take many hours to completely dry.

The paint will be puffy with a slight sparkle when dry.

To transfer your paint easily into the bottle (step 3), choose a bottle with a wide opening. Here we have used an old mustard container.

The cardboard we used in this project was the inside of an old cereal box.